Our vision

Developing and producing professional, high quality, double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards is our daily commitment as well as the starting point for strengthening OMR's position as a European reference point for PCB production.

But it is especially the way in which we demonstrate to all our clients that ours is more than just a generic client-oriented approach, but is rather a series of concrete initiatives, both at a strategic and operational level, to increase the quality and reliability of our products and services day by day through a continuous investment in human resources, technology and industrial processes.

Clients, not competitors, decide who wins.
We from OMR Italia always want to confirm ourselves as a benchmark at a European level in the development and assembly of PCBs according to the highest quality standards in our production facilities.

And we want to do this by ensuring our clients the certainty of being able to count on a single global provider for the production of printed circuit boards that will become the "soul" of their technological products in the sectors such as automotive, electronics and industrial automation, medical, renewable energy systems, assemblers, robotics and telecommunications.

Quite good is never enough when one seeks excellence.
Clear objectives and a defined and transparent strategy which allows us to promote OMR on the international market thereby searching for new opportunities for long-term collaborations and to become partners of our clients, operating with a primary objective: their satisfaction.

With this same spirit we have decided to open up to emerging markets through a partnership in China, which, under the constant supervision of the OMR Italy Team, allows us to supply a complete and competitive range of printed circuit boards.

This is because the success of our clients is our biggest success. With facts, even before words.
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