Strict quality controls on all printed circuit boards

In OMR Italia's production plant in Concorezzo, just outside Milan, the automation level was also highly upgraded in the multilayer technology, increasing the company competitiveness and improving the work of our operators.
A site of 10,000 square meters of covered area (over a total area of 28,000 square meters) with a production capacity at the top of the category with 500 square meters per day.
Furthermore, to achieve a production excellence, we select the basic materials of our printed circuit boards by collaborating with some of the best category brands such as Isola, Shengyi, Ventec, Itec and Tuc.Discover all our plants and quality control procedures that allow us to create professional, double-sided and multilayer PCBs.
Base material storage and cutting
Drilling Department
Galvanic Department
Automatic optical inspection on inner and outer layers
Photo department
Solder mask routing departments
Laboratory electrical test visual inspection departments
Multilayer bonding
OMR Environmental management